Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Justin Bieber signs partyware deal with Kate Middleton's family business

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton's parents own a website called Party Pieces, which will sell Justin Bieber's party kits. AP
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has entrusted his party kits to the Middleton family business. Picture: AP news.com.au
JUSTIN Bieber has signed a deal with the Duchess of Cambridge's family business to sell merchandise featuring the Canadian teen pop sensation, The (London) Daily Telegraph reports.
Bieber's representatives confirmed that Party Pieces - the website owned by the parents of new royal Kate and her sister Pippa Middleton - will be selling the "Justin Bieber Party Kit" along with other items, such as necklaces, award ribbons and a pinata.
The business' online newspaper The Party Times - produced by Pippa - said, "We've got Bieber fever."
It goes on, "Teenage girls around the world go crazy for the Bieber. In fact, they love Justin Bieber so much that the pop star now has his very own partyware. If you're not sure where to start with a Bieber bash then fear not - just read on for our top tips."
Bieber, 17, has already expressed his admiration for Pippa, after she became a global hit following the royal wedding in London last month.
"Congrats to William and Kate ... and Kate's sister," he tweeted.
Party Pieces has reportedly experienced a boost in business since the wedding, particularly from the US.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Justin Bieber befriends bully victim Casey

Justin Bieber invited Casey up on stage.
Justin Bieber invited Casey up on stage.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has revealed he was determined to meet schoolyard bully victim Casey Heynes after seeing the viral video of his ordeal.
Casey gained worldwide fame after a mobile phone video published online showed him body-slamming his tormentor.
Bieber told A Current Affair tonight: "When I first saw it on TMZ I thought, this is crazy, like I couldn't believe it, it's amazing.
"It shows everybody else that you have to stand up for yourself and you can't just take it.
"The first thing you should do is go tell someone, but then you might have to hit back, sometimes you have to so I think that was important for you, especially in that situation.
"I'm proud of you — and so many other people are."
Bieber, in the middle of his Australian tour, invited the 16-year-old Sydney schoolboy along to his concert last night at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena.
Prior to the show, Bieber asked Casey how he was feeling when he was being attacked in the school yard, before telling him he too had been the victim of bullying.
Bieber said: "I always played sports and stuff and a lot of the times I would be really good at something — so everybody didn't like me because I was good at it, so they would make fun of me."
The singer then invited Casey on stage, telling the screaming audience he wanted to touch on the serious subject of bullying, before adding: "I just want to say that he's very inspirational.
"He shows other people to stand up for what they believe in."
Ahead of the tour Bieber had sought out Woman's Day editor Fiona Connolly in the hope she could put him in touch with Casey.
"This is highly unusual. You just don't see celebrities giving this kind of treatment to a regular kind of fan any day," she told A Current Affair.
Bieber, hours after meeting Casey, described the schoolboy as a "hero" to more than 9 million Twitter followers.
"This is Casey the punisher... a kid who stood up for himself against bullying. a real life hero," he tweeted, posting a link to a news article about the Year 10 pupil.
He followed up with a second tweet containing a link to the infamous body slam video: "for those of you who don't know...you should watch this…"