Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bieber fever burns in 3D

‘Never Say Never’ is more than just about the swishing hair--it’s about believing in your dream and pursuing it
JUSTIN BIEBER is the epitome of dreams made manifest through sheer perseverance and faith. This is the take-away from Bieber’s inspiring story in his movie, “Never Say Never,” the premiere of which I watched in the company of fiercely loyal Bieber fans last March 22 at SM Megamall.

Who would have known that the singing acts he had uploaded on YouTube would vault him to pop stardom? “This shows that social networking is really powerful,” says one of his concert crew members. Bieber always goes on Twitter or online to promote himself for radio guestings or mini-concerts.

In spite all his achievements, however, Bieber has held on to his values. As 15-year-old Bieber fan Michelle Abigan told me, “He doesn’t sing about money, fame, or sex just to sell, and he remains down-to-earth. He’s one of the few remaining singers with true talent and firm beliefs.”

“Justin Bieber’s music is sexy,” said another Bieber fan at the premiere. “He is very talented and gives us motivation,” gushed another. And he’s so much cuter, too, on the 3D screen. When he swished his hair (in slow-mo), everyone in the movie house screamed—because he looked so cute!

Regular boy

Justin Bieber was a regular boy who had friends, played basketball and soccer, and went to school in his hometown in Ontario, Canada.

At the start of the film, he sings “With You” with Chris Brown in a YouTube videoclip. Soon enough, the video clip got lots of hits—and Bieber became a worldwide phenomenon.

Many girls who were interviewed in the movie have become such die-hard Bieber fans that they know not only the day he was born, but the time, as well. That would be March 1, 1994 at 12:56 a.m., in case you didn’t know yet!

His baby pictures come flashing next, and they are so adorable! He plays with a small bongo drum in one of his birthdays. Did you know that he also loves playing the trumpet, keyboards, guitar and violin?

Many may not know also that he played jazz, and he wanted to become a drummer. He once put up a benefit concert to get himself a set of drums. And just as added trivia, Bieber could actually solve a Rubik’s Cube in one and a half minutes, to be exact.

While in Toronto, Canada, he joined the “Stratford Idol” singing contest. His mother Pattie Mallette said that even if he didn’t win, it would have been okay since he had no training anyway. Bieber won second place; he was just 12 then.

That was when he gave up his normal life. He performed in various schools across America. He’d get on the tour bus with his biology books and read through them while in transit from one city to the next. He still valued his studies, even as he was busy nurturing his fledgling career.

By then, he already had a musical coach, whom he fondly referred to as “Mama Jan.” During one vocal training session, he is seen in the movie singing with his microphone in the bathroom, practicing for his upcoming concert.

There’s a really touching scene in the movie where a girl plays the violin in front of Avon Theater, and Bieber goes up to her and praises her. When she asks if he is really Justin Bieber, and he says yes, the girl is flabbergasted. “Just follow your dreams, okay?” Bieber tells her.

It turns out that Avon Theater was the very same place where Bieber played the guitar when he was just 12.


His manager Scooter Braun, who discovered him on YouTube, asks him and his family to go to Atlanta. When Bieber arrives, he is totally floored to see his idol Usher at the door! Usher, at first, thinks he is Braun’s little cousin. Bieber asks if he can sing one of Usher’s songs, after which it is Usher’s turn to be floored. “Who is this kid?!” he exclaims.

His concert at Madison Square Garden was sold out. Bieber’s performance there confirmed that he had finally arrived. Still, he kept his feet on the ground. He made people happy in his hometown Ottawa by giving free tickets to those who couldn’t afford to go to his concerts.

And he continued with the “tradition” of picking out a random girl in his concert performances, and making that girl the “One Less Lonely Girl” he describes in one of his hit songs in his “My World” album. He sings her a song and gives her a bouquet of flowers.

Bieber has had his share of challenges on the way to the top. Just before his performance at Madison Square Garden, he developed not only a sore throat, but lumps in his vocal chords, and couldn’t sing.

Mama Jan advised him to postpone the show. “But I don’t want to let all the kids down,” reasons Bieber, determined to make his fans happy and give his best. He wouldn’t give up. And he pulled through just fine.

“I was just watching TV in my room, and now here I am living my dream and doing what I love,” says Bieber as scenes of his concert at Madison Square Garden flicker on the television screen.

“There’s gonna be a time in your life when people say you can’t live your dreams. Just never say never!” Beiber exclaims to his fans as he sings with all his heart and soul to them.

Bieber’s movie is all about believing in your dreams and going for them. He’s not just a singing phenomenon; he’s an enduring role model for teenagers looking for their own little place in the sun.

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